5 Year Strategic Plan






The mission of the Brockton Community Schools shall be to develop activities to meet the educational, cultural, recreational and social needs of the community.


This document presents a strategic plan for Brockton Community Schools.  It establishes a five year (long-range) direction for Brockton Community Schools and provides a clear focus for future pursuits by identifying  priorities for improvement.   This strategic plan will be the culmination of analysis and work by a committee consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, student representative(s), alumni, and members of the Community Schools Advisory Board. 

Community Schools currently oversees four major programmatic areas:

  • academic support
  • enrichment programs for students
  • continuing education and ESL services for adults
  • recreation and enrichment programs for the community


Strategic Planning is a process for creating an organization’s preferred future.  It is a long-range planning process for organizational renewal and transformation which provides a framework for improving programs, management functions and evaluation of an organization’s progress.  This planning process helps organizations think and act strategically, develop effective strategies, clarify future directions, establish priorities, improve organizational performance, build teamwork and expertise and deal effectively with a rapidly changing environment.

Organizations implement strategic planning to effectively deal with changing in a proactive manner rather than a reactive manner by establishing a common purpose, a sense of direction, priorities for change and a blueprint for action.  This plan presents an analysis of the organizations strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) anticipated by emerging trends and changing conditions. Based upon this understanding and analysis, this document defines the mission, vision, guiding beliefs, and goals which will guide Brockton Community Schools through the next five years.


  • To promote public awareness of the participation in academic and enrichment based programs which provide continuing opportunities for all ages to grow mentally, physically, and socially.  The programs will be offered at either no fee or nominal cost;  
  • To provide maximum use of school facilities while ensuring that Community Schools and supplemental programs are consistent with the use of these facilities;
  • To develop programs that incorporate the needs and concerns of the community by connecting academic, recreational, social and cultural activities;
  • To promote and encourage parents and the community at large to become involved in the schools through volunteering, committee work and by teaching and/or attending courses;
  • To improve communication between the PAC’s/PTA’s/PTO’s, the teaching staff, administration(s) and the Brockton School Committee;
  • To provide for an annual progress review of the guiding principles

For additional information please refer to the Brockton Community Schools 5 Year Strategic Plan


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